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Last tours 04 August 2013

Snow, mountains, sea & flowers

What else people can wish? This late spring I worked again with Hermann Tauber, profesional mountain guide from South Tyrol. He has been a mountain guide and guiding instructor for more than 30 years. Working with him and his groups is always a super experience for me. In this time of the year our mountains are green and full of plants and flowers. Monteverde! There are plenty of rare and endemic plant species. Many of them also medicinal. To those who are not  familiar with plants I reccomend a visit to the botanical garden in Kolašin. Owner is the old botanist and mountaineer Mr. Danijel Vincek. He will be happy to offer you glass of rakija. Don´t hesitate! Thanks to all participants. I really enjoyed it and  hope you will enjoy these pictures, to.


Last tours 30 July 2013

Hiking week in June

In the first week of June I had the honor to host a group from Israel. It was my first group from that country. A bit of concern at the beggining, but without reason. When I saw them for the first time on the airport, I knew it would be a super week. And it was! Although weather was not our friend, we realized our plan. The trip began in Kolašin, from where we choose many different easy to moderate hikes. After a few days we switched to Žabljak and Durmitor National Park. Like never before in this time of the year, the mountains were full of snow. We enjoyed it even more! Crna Gora does not only consist of mountains. Cetinje - the old historic capital and Kotor - an old town in the bay of Boka Kotorska are places you must visit! That is why my trips always finish in Kotor. Thanks to my friends from Israel for a great week.

 " I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for he excellent organizations of the tour in the cities, nature reserves and mountains of Montenegro. Your proffesionalism, knowledge of the area and confidence on the one hand and taking care of our comfort and safety on the other made out tour successful and uniqe. For all of the above I would like to say THANKS"
Moshe Eidelman, Jerusalim, Israel

" We are group of 8 people who travel for trekking worldwide. In 2013 we choosed Montenegro. Through internet we came to know about Vanja, we did not know him before, but through e mails we made our plan and few months latter we landed on Podgorica airport. What we got is more than we expected, based on our experience. A very polite, serious, well trained, reliable and generous guide. Excellent car, nice hotels a very exciting trails."
Isaac Zuckerman, Jerusalim, Israel 

Last tours 29 October 2012

The colors of autumn, 2 week

Late September and early October I had a honor to host a group of 15 people from Switzerland, led by mountain guide Bernhard Buhler, at a two - week tour around Montenegro. The tour was designed to go through the most beautifull parts, starting from the northeast all the way to the far south, covering the natural beauties of both mountains and canyons, and also visiting cultural and historical monuments. We spent the first nine days in the north, where we hiked almost each day between 4 to 7 hours on Prokletije, Komovi, Zijevo, Bjelasica, Mrtvica canyon and Durmitor, enjoying the beautiful weather, delicious local food and šljivovica! This part of the trip was physically more demanding. After that we moved to the south, where it was more relaxed and easier, but still beautifull, as we visited many cultural and historical monuments, ancient cities, museums, monasteries... we also walked several hours on Vrmac hill above Boka Kotorska bay, we enjoyed the autumn sun on the sandy beaches of Ulcinj and made a boat cruise by on Skadar lake. Many thanks to all participants for this great trip, especially to mountain guide Bernhard Buhler.

"As a Swiss mountain guide, I organize trips abroad and was looking for a leader in Montenegro. When I was in Montenegro last year, I knew emmediately that I was very lucky to meet Vanja. In September this year I was with the group of 15 people travelling with him, my impression has been confirmed. The cooperation with him was great and the group was enthusiastic about him. Experience in leading groups was very impressive for me. He's quite and very responsible. We have made hikes in Prokletije, Komovi, Zijevo, Durmitor and on the coast. The people and the fantastic areas made our stay to a great experience. Montenegro is close to my heart. I am looking forward to meet Vanja next year again. Thanks a lot!"
Bernhard Buhler,
Mountain guide,

" To this tour I would give the name "the beauty of colors and variety", a real pleasure! Hiking through a shady, cool beech wood we arrived at a wide open plateau wich slopes lighted towards us in the brightes autumn colors. This was Indian summer in Montenegro! Far above us we spied the ridge wich we reached finally from time to rime on all fours. What a view! Far below us we saw villages in Albania, the ridhe on wich we walked along was the border: one foot in Albania and other in Montenegro, funny idea! With the next ascent we reached at the top of the ridge. And again a most fantastic view: far down below us a very solitary Alps and very close to us the next gigantic mountain chain, the "Monte negro" in the real meaning of the word "black mountain". Over white shiny rocks we reached again the slopes of Indian summer and with last melancholy look back we proceded into the forest back down into the valley. With good beer and "zivjeli" (prost)"
Silvia Hochstrasser,
Last tours 27 June 2012

Prokletije hikes

Two days of hiking in Prokletije with Nives and Mojca, two ladies from Slovenija. Mount Prokletije was, as always, full of contrast: flowers, green meadows, forests and snow higher on the northern slopes.Thanks to Nives and Mojca for the chance to show them my favorite mountains. Unfortunately, two days were not enough, but we did the best we could: Grbaja and a round trip over the ridge of Volušnica, Popadija and Talijanka peaks, and next day we walked to Hridsko Lake and the peak of Hridski Krš with a beautiful view of the whole Prokletije masiff.

Last tours 10 October 2011

Autumn in Montenegro, trekking tour

At the end of September, my friend Heli Gargitter arrived with a group from the Dolomites - South Tyrol for another trip through Montenegro.The tour started at Žabljak, Durmitor National Park, where we reached the highest peak Bobotov Kuk, over Bjelasica and Prokletije, through the Morača and Mrtvica canyons, to the old royal capital of Cetinje and the beautiful Boka Kotorska bay...
Last tours 25 June 2011

Hiking tour through Mrtvica canyon, May 2011

One of the best Slovenian alpinist in last 10 years Andrej Grmovšek, with his wife Tanja and friends Dušan and Miha, visited Montenegro for climbing and kayaking during the Easter and May holidays. On the day we decided to have a rest from climbing, we went to Mrtvica canyon for a beautiful and easy one-day hiking tour. Mrtvica is most beautiful in spring. A picture is a worth a thousand words...
Hiking 06 July 2010


The Orjen masiff spreads over the borders of three countries: Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It dominates over the entrance to the Boka Kotorska bay. The highest peak is Zubački kabao (1894m). The tourism infrastructure of Orjen is well-developed, there is an excellent  mountain hut and numerous marked trails will give you a lot pleasure. If you are a fan of trad climbing, here you will find some of the best rocks in Montenegro: Subra and Reovačka greda.
Hiking 06 July 2010


This labyrinth of stone formations in central Montenegro, inhospitable and impassable at the first sight, is a real jewel for lovers of sharp and vertical mountain lines.
The highest point is Međeđi Vrh (2138m), to witch several hiking tours can be made. There are no marked trails and navigation is difficult, but exactly for that reason Maganik enjoys the reputation of a real, untouched wilderness, where there is room only for the most persistent and capable mountaineers only.
Hiking 20 June 2010


This mountain range is characterized by gentle, round peaks and grasslands, while the large and deep forests on its slopes hide several glacial lakes,  of which one - Biogradsko Lake - is the heart of Biogradska Gora National Park. Due to its geological origin Bjelasica is rich in water, which makes this mountain range different from any other Montenegrin mountains. Pešića Lake is situated under the highest peak of Crna glava. Other lakes are Malo & Veliko Šiško Lake and Ursulovacko Lake. Because of its diverse relief and proximity to the town of Kolašin, a small mountain resort, Bjelasica is popular hiking destination. Almost every peak, lake or tour can be reached from different directions, as there are five small towns around the northern part of this mountain massif.

Hiking 15 June 2010


A huge mountain expanse in the heart of Montenegro that stretches almost 50 km between Kolasin and Zabljak. The most interesting tours can be made in the eastern part of the masiff above Lipovo valley with peaks of Bablji zub, Gradiste and Jablanov Vrh.Farher to the west, Sinjajevina is flatter and turns into a plateau at an altitude of about 1600 m., which makes it ideal for mountain biking or long hiking tours. Sinjajevina is also suitable for day tours because of its proximity to the main road that links the south and north. Crossing Sinjajevina in winter time on skis or snowshoes presenst a unique and ultimate experience! Feel that experince with us!
P.S. If you are aproaching to Sinjajevina through Lipovo or Štitarica valley, you MUST taste special type of cheese produced only here - lisnati sir!

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