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Hiking 14 June 2010

Mount Žijevo-Kučke planine

Only 45 km away from the capital city of Podgoric is Mount Žijevo or Kučke mountains. These mountains with diverse mountain reliefs like valleys, steep rocky walls, 14 peaks over 2000 m, also hide two beautiful glacial lakes: Bukumirsko and Rikavačko. The highest peak is Surdup 2184 m. Due to their proximity Podgorica and good accessibility (not always in winter), these mountains are great for a one-day hiking tour from the city. The most popular tours starts from Bukumirsko Lake to the peaks of Surdup, Štitan and Pasjak, from Mokra to the Maglič peak or from Bukumirsko lake to Rikavačko lake with a possible accent on the Vila peak.

Hiking 11 June 2010

Mrtvica canyon

This is one of my favorite hiking tours in Montenegro. I have been there many times in different seasons and each time I was delighted and surprised by the beauty of this canyon! Mrtvica river is situated in central part of Montenegro and flows into the Morača river. The canyon is deeply carved in the rocky walls of Mount Maganik. Visiting the canyon is possible throughout the year and every season is a story for itself, but the beauty of the canyon in the spring, when river rises by melting snow from the mountains, is almost unreal and something that should not be missed. The usual tour is until halfway the canyon, what makes this tour easy to pass within 5 - 6 hours. Although there are no technical dificulties on the path, this should not be underestimated, as you still need to walk 10 -12 km. The season lasts all year, but the best time is spring.


Hiking 10 June 2010


Komovi is the third mountain range in Montenegro by altitude. It is situated between the Kučke Planine and Bjelasica. It is well-known by its exceptionally beautiful peaks, more or less accessible in winter and in summer. The highest parts consist of two almost parallel ridges along the three highest peaks of this massif. It is interesting that each of these three peaks is named after one of the tribes that gravitate to these mountains. At the foot of Vasojevićki Kom is the vast plateau of Štavna, known as a starting point for almost all popular hiking tours to Komovi. Vasojevićki Kom is the easiest to reach, while the others tours are longer and more demanding.

Hiking 10 June 2010


Mount Durmitor, a national park under UNESCO protection since 1980, is the most famous mountain massif in Montenegro.When you come and see it, you will find out why. With more than 40 peaks above 2000 m. and  17 lakes, kilometers of mountain trails and numerous steep rocky walls, this mountain range has to offer a lot, from easy hiking tours, over more demanding all-day hiking tours, to adventure rock climbing on the steep walls up to 700 m. high and ski touring trips on yet untouched snow!Durmitor is situated in the northwestern part of the country, above the small town of Žabljak and the Tara river canyon, another natural landmark of Montenegro.  In Žabljak we would accomodate you in one of the finest private apartments or hotels. It is hard to mention all hiking tours. There are numerous possibilities, from a day tour like the ascent to Bobotov kuk, Crvena Greda, Medjed or Bandijerna to multiday tours like the one from Komarnica valley - Dobri do - Trojni Pass to Žabljak. We are ready to guide you on any peak of this beautiful mountain range in summer and winter too, or to tailor a tour by your wishes, physical and techical capabilities.

Hiking 10 June 2010


No doubt the most beautiful mountain massif in Montenegro. Only a small part of it belongs to Montenegro, but the heights and beauties exceed all other mountains. The relatively narrow area in the northeastern part of the country, along the Albanian border, hides many secret paths, more or less demanding trails, non-climbed walls, glacial lakes and rarely visited peaks. The three highest peaks of Montenegro are situated in these mountain. The highest of them is Maja Kolata (2534). Prokletije consist of a few smaller masiffs,hidden in between several valleys. In 2009 the area was proclaimed national park, the fifth one in Montenegro. Come and see why these mountains are also called the Balkan Alps!


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