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Last tours 15 March 2017

"Prost, prost kamerad..."

In second week of March I had a pleasure to host a group from Alpine Welten led by mountain guide Marcel Rossbach. Although, nature this time was not our „friend“ we enjoyed some ski touring and lot more hospitality of people and domestic food and drinks :-) . Thanks to all participants for this nice week. Hope to meet them again, raise a glass and sing a song „prost, prost komarad....“
Last tours 21 February 2014

Winter in Prokletije

While most  mountains in my country  and around do not have enough snow, this is not the case with Prokletije. This winter we did several exploring tours in these mountains, both in Albania and Montenegro. Join us next winter, there are still plenty of slopes that have not been skied previosly!
Last tours 06 March 2014

Ski touring in Montenegro and Albania

Although this winter is not so rich in snow like the winters before, it was more than enough to enjoy a week with Heli Gargitter and his group from South Tyrol. The lack of snow on lower altitudes gave us the chance to explore new terrains  in the Durmitor mountains and to do the first ski descent from Maja Kokervhakes peak in Prokletije,on the Albanian side.
Ski Touring 25 October 2015

Slopes of sunshine

During the winter, Montenegro becomes a treasury of mountain areas, with no one in sight for kilometers.So far, only a very small number of people have enjoyed ski touring in Montenegro. Be one of them and join us in a seven - day ski cruising along the slopes od Durmitor, Bjelasica, Žijevo and Sinjajevina. Montenegro is not only characteristic by its mountains, but also by its a mixture of various cultures, religions and customs. On our tour we will encounter the hospitality of highlanders, visit the old royal capital of Cetinje and the old town of Kotor, where the tour ends with a delicious fish dinner. Contact us for more information.
Last tours 25 April 2013

3 weeks of ski tours

This winter I hosted three groups from Italy and Austria, led by mountain guides Hermann Tauber and Ingo Kroath. Although the weather was not so good we were able to do some nice ski tours and lot of cultural trips, enjoying the hospitality of local people and good food. Thanks to mountain guides and all participants.
Last tours 07 March 2013

Jablanov Vrh, Sinjajevina, ski tour

A long and demanding tour in the central part of Montenegro to the highest peak of Sinjajevina - Jablanov Vrh (2203 m). The tour starts almost at the beginning of Lipovo valley near Kolasin. For those whose physical shape is not so good or who simply do not like long tours, there are smaller peaks around 1900 m. Fortunately, we had a nice day and a beautiful view from the summit. In total, we passed 25 km and 1400 m of ascent. The snow conditions were fine, the night before had been clear and most of the time snow was hard. Now it is snowing again in the mountains, it seems that the best time this year will be April. Thanks to my friends for their company.

Last tours 11 April 2012

Ski touring week

Each year, the mountains of Montenegro attract more and more skiers. This year there was not much snow in the Alps and Dolomites, while the quantity of snow in our country this winter was quite sufficient. This was another reason to come and enjoy the untouched white slopes. A group of 10 people, led by mountain guide Hermann Tauber from South Tyrol, visited Montenegro in the last week of March. We enjoyed perfect weather, good snow conditions, nice and warm accommodation and excellent  food. We were lucky to make first ski descent from Jablanov Vrh on Sinjajevina. Montenegro is a country full of contrast, natural and cultural diversity. In the morning we skied from the Troglava peak on Bjelasica and later we got acquainted with the culture and history during our visit of the Morača monastery, Cetinje - the old royal capital and Kotor. And let´s  not  forget Skadar Lake, another National Park. The day was ended with delicious fish dinner in Budva.. and all in one day!

 "It was a wonderfull week with great weather and perfect snow conditions. Thank you, Vanja, for the great tours, the delicious food, good accommodations and the perfect organisations of the trip! I am sure we'll meet again next year for a ski and trekking week!"
 - Hermann Tauber, mountain guide, Sud Tirol
Last tours 25 June 2011

Turno - turbo Tyroleans, March-April 2011

Six days full of action,fun and adventures with a group of 11 skiers from Dolomites, led by mountain guide Heli Gargitter, on the mountains without any traces of human presence during the winter, plus two relaxed days we spent by learning more about the culture and history of Montenegro in old historic capital Cetinje and in Kotor, an old town in the Boka Kotorska bay, under UNESCO protection, where we as also enjoyed the good fish restaurants. 

 " ..I had an oportunity to met Vanja during a climbing trip in 2008. I work together with him for a few years, we organise climbing, trekking and skitouring tours in beautiful Montenegro.Participants and I were always very satisfied with the perfect work he did: guiding, organising and with information about his country. He knows also very well what mountain people like during trip.He is not only a guide in Montenegrian mountain, he is a person with very nice character and it is always enjoyment to travel with him.."
- Helmut Gargitter, mountain guide, Italy

 "..did not know much about Montenegro when I decided to join a trip for skitouring.. but it sounded wild and mystical to me, with a great range of potential adventures..even for weekend pioneers like me. And with Vanja on our side, we didn't get only a guiding and perfectly organized trip, but a friend, proud and prepared to share his knowledge about his country with us..
what to say about skitouring in Montenegro..have a look at the pictures and imagine that there are plenty of opportunities..stay there as long as you can, you will hardly get that much of untouched firn and powder slopes again.."
- Hannes Kathrein, Italy

Hiking 20 June 2010


This mountain range is characterized by gentle, round peaks and grasslands, while the large and deep forests on its slopes hide several glacial lakes,  of which one - Biogradsko Lake - is the heart of Biogradska Gora National Park. Due to its geological origin Bjelasica is rich in water, which makes this mountain range different from any other Montenegrin mountains. Pešića Lake is situated under the highest peak of Crna glava. Other lakes are Malo & Veliko Šiško Lake and Ursulovacko Lake. Because of its diverse relief and proximity to the town of Kolašin, a small mountain resort, Bjelasica is popular hiking destination. Almost every peak, lake or tour can be reached from different directions, as there are five small towns around the northern part of this mountain massif.

Hiking 15 June 2010


A huge mountain expanse in the heart of Montenegro that stretches almost 50 km between Kolasin and Zabljak. The most interesting tours can be made in the eastern part of the masiff above Lipovo valley with peaks of Bablji zub, Gradiste and Jablanov Vrh.Farher to the west, Sinjajevina is flatter and turns into a plateau at an altitude of about 1600 m., which makes it ideal for mountain biking or long hiking tours. Sinjajevina is also suitable for day tours because of its proximity to the main road that links the south and north. Crossing Sinjajevina in winter time on skis or snowshoes presenst a unique and ultimate experience! Feel that experince with us!
P.S. If you are aproaching to Sinjajevina through Lipovo or Štitarica valley, you MUST taste special type of cheese produced only here - lisnati sir!

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