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Last tours 06 March 2014

Ski touring in Montenegro and Albania

Although this winter is not so rich in snow like the winters before, it was more than enough to enjoy a week with Heli Gargitter and his group from South Tyrol. The lack of snow on lower altitudes gave us the chance to explore new terrains  in the Durmitor mountains and to do the first ski descent from Maja Kokervhakes peak in Prokletije,on the Albanian side.
Hiking 25 October 2015

Walk it over

There is no better way to get to know a country than walking. Walking in the mountains of Montenegro and Albania and sleeping in a katun, huts or guesthouses, will give you an impression of life in the old days and bring you back to the nature. Contact us for more information.

Last tours 09 October 2013

Peaks of the Balkan - Prokletije

The last few years I have my  spent holidays in my favorite mountains - Prokletije. This year was the same, but goal was different: we wanted to go where we haven't been yet. This is not difficult, even after more than 10 years of exploring this mountain region.On the first day we did Maja Rosit, the third peak of Montenegro. It is a long and demanding hike, but without major technical difficulties. The summit is between the Valbona and Ropojana valleys.
It does not make sense to tell you how it was, you must go and see it by yourself! We spent the next three days on a cross-border trekking trail between Montenegro and northern Albania: through Ropojana valley to Thethi National Park, then to Valbona valley and finally over Preslopit pass below the Kolata peaks back to Montenegro. Amazing, awesome, impressive...!!! The trail is part of 190 km. long cross-border hiking trail: "Peaks of the Balkan". It requires a good physical condition. In Albania it was very nice, people were friendly, food and accomodation were found in many guesthouses or campsites. Simple, but good and cheap. No shops in these valleys - you eat what they produce. The trails are guite well marked. Huge rocks are all around. No doubt we will come back. I wonder how it looks in winter. Thanks to Ana, my girlfriend- this was her idea:-)

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