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On the footsteps of Captain Henrik Angell or the return of the Devil on the planks

Everything had begun in late 1891
, when the Norwegian officer,Capt. Henrik Angell, came to Montenegro for the first time, bringing the skis with himself.  The Montenegrins, seeing for the first time that someone moves so fast and agile over the snow on the wooden boards, gave him a nickname Devil on the planks. These were the first skis ever used in the country. He’s been visiting the Montenegro couple more times afterwards and, by the suggestion of the Prince Nikola he taught the locals and the soldiers to ski. Angell also wrote a several books on time spent in Montenegro and with the Montenegrins.

Some 125 years later, Oyvind Hostaker and Jarand Gjestland took a journey following the footsteps of their famous native, wanting to encounter Montenegrin ski potentials in person. We don’t know whether the Cpt. Angell had skied in Durmitor and Prokletije Mountains, but we have, spending a fantastic week with perfect summer ski conditions. The Montenegro is far more than only mountains, seaside and canyons, but also the people with traditional hospitality and respect shown not only to my guest, but also to the heritage of their native.  The testimony to the tracks he left in Montenegro is that his name still lives in the collective memory.

Thanks to Oyvind and Jarand for a great week and photos.
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