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Moračke planine
Hiking 15 June 2010 Vanja Pejović

Moračke planine

As the name says, these mountains are located around the source and upper stream of the Morača river. This region offers numerous very attractive hiking tours. Most of them include the climbing of peaks over 2000m, e.g. Lastva  (2226), Stolac, Zagradac and Tali. In the heart of the masiff are two glacial lakes, Kapetanovo and Manito. Kapetanovo is one of the deepest mountains lakes in Montenegro; it is 49 m. deep. Regardless of their rather isolated position, there is a great variety of access possibilities. You can reach these mountains from the east through Mrtvica canyon (demanding tour), or from north eastover Niksic and Krnovo.
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