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Last tours 18 September 2015

Rock climbing in Morača Canyon

The Morača Canyon offers plenty of opportunities for rock climbing. At the exit of the canyon is well equiped sport climbing area – Smokovac, while the walls are higher and „clean“ (no bolts) deeper into the canyon. The rock quality is good and last September my friend Bojan and I, climbed a new route in the area of Dromira. Rocks in this part are up to 200 m. high. Our route is 150 m.high, grade V/V+. We named it „OCP“ – by our club that celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. For many reasons, I have not climb much during the last two years. I hope this will change in the future. There is still a large number of posibilities for first ascent routes in the canyon. If you would like to climb, feel free to contact me, I will be pleased to provide you all information that could be useful.
Last tours 14 August 2015

We sLOVEnia

Slovenia has been my goal for many years. On my way to the higher Alps, I have passed through this beautiful country several times, watching the amazing steep walls and dreaming to visit them and hopefully to climb them. The decision was made and two of us were on the road at the begining of August. Slovenia and Montenegro were part of former Yugoslavia, country is similar to ours, people are friendly, the older generation still understands and speaks old, common, language and so we felt very comfortable and welcome. During our 7- day holiday we tried to see as many places as possible: we really liked Triglav, Vrata and Tamar valley, area around Vršič pass, and also the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. We will definitely come back soon.

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